What People are Saying…

About Vickie’s photography…

“…beautiful and heart-wrenching images…”

–Editor, National Geographic Image Collection

“These are some of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching images I have cataloged in quite a while. All kinds of emotions rose up. I especially like the one of Bayocean Spit with the tree stump, and the Twin Rocks at sunset. Just magnificent! Keep up the great work.” –Editor, National Geographic Image Collection



“I don’t know what your magic is…”

Professional photograph headshot


“I don’t know what your magic is…I’ve never had a portrait taken that looked half as good – including when I was a WHOLE lot younger!”
–Charlotte L.

About Vickie as a photography business mentor…

Amy Richard photo

“Engaging and motivating.”

“I was fortunate to connect with Vickie Lewis and the Business Photography Meetup almost from the beginning. This Meetup has been enormously successful for me. Vickie and the sessions are engaging and motivating. Vickie provides specific, personalized guidance for each person attending whether your focus is wedding, portrait, sports, fine art photography or something else entirely. Vickie’s years as a professional photographer has given her a wealth of knowledge that she is more than willing to share.
I have attended the Foundations of a Photo Business, Intro to Marketing Methods and Branding Your Business and would highly recommend any and/or all of them. As a fine art photographer, I have learned about the options available in my market, other support personnel I might need to get started and detailed marketing techniques. Vickie listens to your ideas and provides feedback and focus.
No matter where you are in starting your business or even if you are just considering it, Vickie can help you get started and keep you motivated!” –Amy Richard, The Amy Richard Gallery



About Vickie’s photography workshops and classes…

“It was awesome.”

“It was awesome. I quickly learned information that I was not aware of. Vickie provided the class with important information on composition. Her style of teaching is easy going and it allows you to easily absorbed the information she is providing. I also liked this class because we were able to immediately put what we learned into practice by going outside and taking photos. I appreciate all that I learned today and I recommend it as an essential class to take if you are serious about improving your photography skills”. -Devona

“Today’s workshop was great!”

“Today’s workshop was great, I really enjoyed myself! I love your critiques, insight and how you dissect composition.” -Len

“Vickie is a sensational teacher”

 “Vickie is a sensational teacher, as well as photographer. I bought a camera, but only knew how to use it on automatic. She has given me a great start towards learning about manual. Vickie walked around the room and helped everyone with their individual problems. I would absolutely take another class with her. — Carolyn”

“Fun day, good shoot, and excellent feedback/critiques”

“A fun time – the ‘secret’ check list is great. It is already helping me rethink how I edit my photos – and what I need to shoot more off. Fun day, good shoot, and excellent feedback/critiques.” — Frank Page


“Seeing how we individually approached the assignment was fantastic and helped me grow as a photographer.”

“Great workshop, as always, Vickie. The idea of giving each of us different “assignments,” then seeing how we individually approached them in the group critique was fantastic and helped me grow as a photographer. I can’t wait for your next workshop!” –Adam Lowe


 “I would be surprised if you were able to walk away without being inspired.”

“I am so glad I decided to sign up for the storytelling class. The class challenged the way I was approaching photo shoots and editing.  It inspired me to go out at take child and family photos in unique locations. The class was also very helpful with thinking about how to layout larger photo projects. Overall I would recommend this class to any level or stage photographer. I would be surprised if you were able to walk away without being inspired.” – Bridget Slack, Bridget Slack Photography


“Great and informative”

“Thank you Vickie for organizing todays workshop.  It was great and informative. I really enjoyed it and look forward for the next one!! ” –Ajay


About Vickie’s Photography Critique Sessions…

“This was a great meetup.”

“This was a great meetup. Everyone was very friendly and the critiques were very helpful. I especially liked how the group seemed to take everyone’s personal skill level and style into consideration while critiquing.”


“Very Informative.”

“Very informative and we got to see some really beautiful shots!”


“So much to learn…and fun, too!”

“There was so much to learn last night just listening to the comments on each photo image…and fun, too!”


“You couldn’t fit any more talent (or wit) into a room…”

“Last night was a great meetup! You couldn’t fit any more talent (or wit) into a room than we had last evening.” -Shane Reighard


“Lots of laughs”

“This was a really productive and fun session. Lots of great images from photographers with diverse perspectives – all who had a willingness to share their ideas. Lots of laughs – could have even gone on longer! Really enjoyable.” –Ron Freudenheim