Upcoming Photography Workshops and Photo Classes

This Armchair Photo Adventure begins June 27th

Insider Secrets to Planning and Taking Great Travel Photos

Sit back, watch, learn, ask questions and contribute as National Geographic Creative photographer Vickie Lewis scouts the Southern Oregon Coast.

Have you ever wondered how professionals seem to get so lucky and get those great shots all the time?

Join Vickie Lewis, National Geographic Creative Photographer, as she scouts the Southern Oregon Coast for an upcoming workshop.

Get the inside scoop as she looks at locations, decides what to shoot and when. Ask questions. Give input.

Adventure begins June 27th. Sign up now to get early bird insights.

Spectacular photography workshop begins July 31 and August 2nd

Join National Geographic Creative photographer Vickie Lewis for an amazing photography workshop on the Oregon Coast.

Northern Oregon Coast Photography Tour, July 31st through August 2nd and Southern Oregon Coast Photography Tour, August 4th through 6th

Experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Photograph spectacular sunsets, tide pools, wildlife and lighthouses under the guidance or Oregon native, Vickie Lewis.

What you will learn at the Oregon Coast Photography Workshop

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