Dear friends,

Thank you for considering to help with my cancer journey. This photo makes me smile. At our annual meeting, National Geographic had a photo seminar and we snuck in for this shot. I love it and hope I have many more years of fun to share with all of you.

As you might know, I chose to do alternative therapies and forego chemotherapy because chemo only gave me a 2-4% greater chance of living five years.

I’ve been doing very well until recently and I’ve found that the cancer has spread to my liver and my lungs. At one point, I had the mets on my liver receding. I’ve included a link of stories at the bottom of this page.

None of the alternative treatments are covered by insurance and I’m not quite ready to call it quits. I’ve started a new protocol and I’d like to give it a chance, with your support, I’ll be able to do that.

You are part of a huge community I’ve playing with over the last few years and if everyone on the list gave me the cost of buying us a cup of coffee, I’d have a great start to getting the help I need.

As a special incentive, for those who are living in the continental United States, if you contribute $60 or more, we will send you a box of eight greeting cards. I’ve had people call them the ‘Nordstrom’ of greeting cards. They truly are quite beautiful, photos mounted on linen folders with matching envelopes.


If you choose to contribute $60, please include your shipping address, phone number and what types of cards you prefer. The price includes shipping via USPS. Please give us 2-3 weeks to send cards.

Your choices are one or two of these categories:

Washington, DC Monuments
Oregon Beaches
Abstract Florals

And so you may choose all Monuments or all Beaches, or decide to do Monuments and Florals. We’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Greeting Cards

Again, thank you for your support during a tough time. I’m hanging in there. I’m not ready quit…It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and so I’m avoiding operas and karaoke bars. How’s that for prevention?

If you are looking for inspiration, read some of these Stage 4 Cancer Survivor stories. I know they are inspiring me. http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/category/natural-survivor-stories/

And no matter what, it’s always good to smile.

Love and Hugs,