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What’s Beyond the Technical and Photographic Composition?
Exploring Photography by Creating a Personal Photo Book

An online photography course and tutorial that begins January 18th, 2016.

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A lot of photographers get ‘stuck’ because they aren’t sure of what they need to learn next. You have a good grasp of the technical and a working knowledge of composition. If you need to learn something, you are willing to google and learn it. But you know there’s something else in your journey to how to be a better photographer.

And you can’t quite put your finger on it.

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The goal of this special photo mentoring program with one-on-one support is is to move you through the list of things you need to know and support you in finding your voice and creating own style with photography.

It’s about learning how to communicate your experience of a person or place. It’s what we are calling, “The Soul of Photography.”

About the Online Photography Course

Each photographer in the group will work on an idea or project with the goal of creating a photo book as the final project under the guidance of National Geographic photographer, Vickie Lewis, an award-winning professional photographer with over 30 years of experience.

My photography was sort of flopping around and I needed focus. I took this course last year and Vickie helped me to zero in on a targeted project. I have continued to work with Vickie on a one-to-one coaching basis. I’m convinced that education is way more important than equipment. This course is a bargain.” —Mark Salo, past participant

If you don’t know what project you want to work on, don’t worry. As part of the program, Vickie works with you individually to help you define your project.

Keith Street Photography meetup group 2014-08-31at17-19-17What we will cover

  • You will start to develop and get clear about what you love about photography and who you are as a photographer.
  • You will move from ‘taking’ a picture to ‘making’ a picture.
  • You will begin to appreciate photography as a form of communication and expression.
  • You will learn how to capture the feeling of a person or place.
  • You will learn how to create a connection with the subject and the viewer.
  • Vickie will give you the process for determining which photos are keepers and which ones can be deleted.
  • You will learn the important steps to deciding how to decide the focus and subject of a photo book or photo project.
  • You will learn some simple steps on the ways professionals think about storytelling.
  • You will get your own copy of ‘Vickie’s Secret Checklist’ to help you think more creatively whatever you are shooting.
  • Through critiques you will learn more about “Why Photographs Work”

Format and Schedulehug point card

  • This is an online meetup and will be a combination of four webinars and two personal one-on-one sessions.
  • The group will be small, between 6 and 8 photographers.
  • The webinars will be 2 hours long.
  • You get plenty of personal attention from Vickie and the group energy builds your passion and creates a community of photographers where you can share ideas.

All times are EST.

January 18th: 7:00 p.m. Introductions. What makes a good project. Vickie’s secret checklist.

Week of January 25th. No official class. Schedule a 30-minute one-on-on to talk about your project.

February 8th: 7:00 p.m. Share photos and progress.

February 22nd: 7:00 p.m. Professional design tips. Share photos and progress.

Week of March 7:  7:00 p.m. Share photos and progress.
Week of March 14th:  Schedule a 90-minute one-on-one to finalize project.

March 28th: Group share. Date to be determined by group.

Why take a class from Vickie Lewis

As the Photo Editor at National Geographic, Vickie Lewis had the opportunity to direct some of the top photographers in the world while they were on assignment. In pre-digital days, photographers shot film and sent it to the magazine undeveloped—site unseen. They might not have the opportunity to see what they shot for months and so they relied heavily on their Editors to give them feedback on how they photos looked, how their project was coming together and what ‘holes’ needed to be filled.

As the ‘photo manager,’ she sorted through the thousands of photographs from dozens of shoots, selecting just the very best to appear in National Geographic travel books.

She worked side-by-side with the top designers at National Geographic to create a consistent look and can share tips on how to create a professional look in a book design.

Vickie knows how to focus a project and make it doable and support a photographer at any level to be successful and create projects they can be proud of.

“I loved having the time to work on a project with Vickie’s insight. It was great to see how other’s projects unfolded and to see how other participants grew with their photography and the vision of the projects. An overall great experience…would love to do it again!” –past participant.

Vickie also has experience managing and shooting many projects on her own, focusing on everything from heroin addicts and Neo-nazi skinheads to abstract florals, monuments at moonlight to the Oregon Coast and more. She worked with a major book publisher to create a photo book on the history of American women in war and worked as a graphics director at the Albuquerque Tribune.

In the 1990s, Vickie shot over 150 portrait assignments for People Magazine. Back in the film days, you had know your stuff. You didn’t get to spray and shoot when President Clinton was sitting in front of you. And you didn’t get second chances. She has 30 years of experience nailing an image and has transcended into the digital world.

Are you unsure about what kind of project to shoot?6-Lewis:waterflower

Each photographer will work on a personal project of their choosing. This can sound intimidating, but it is easier to learn when you have a concrete goal in mind and we’ll break it down into simple steps and give you a process you can use over and over again.

In our first session, we’ll talk about what makes a good photo project and get you thinking about what you want to focus on.

It might mean taking better people pictures or learning lighting. It might mean learning how to shoot nudes or landscapes. That’s great. With that goal in mind, you create a project.

Here are some examples:

  1. I love taking macro photos. I’d like to create a photo book with the photos I’ve taken and learn some new techniques.
  2. I want to learn more about shooting landscapes and so I will commit to researching five great places and shoot them at sunrise or sunset.
  3. I want great pictures of my kids! I commit to taking my kids to five interesting places, photographing them, editing them and creating a photo book for their grandparent’s wedding anniversary.

If you are struggling with ideas, Vickie will help you find a workable project. When you are finished with your project, you will be able to create a book, gallery show or website of your photos, no matter if you shoot landscapes, portraits, sports, fashion or documentary.

Vickie has worked as a photo editor, working daily with photographers to help them learn to see pictures

A group of students enjoy a photo shoot on the mall.

A group of students enjoy a photo shoot on the mall.

in a different way, learn how to shoot photos with impact, how plan a shoot and come back with photos that would make them smile and feel good about what they have done.

Vickie will encourage and inspire you while giving it to you straight in a way that helps you improve quickly. Vickie may momentarily take you out of your comfort zone, but you will feel exhilarated when you reach new heights.

Not only will we be talking about your photos, you will have assignments to look at images of pro photographers and we will break down those photos and discuss why they work or don’t.

The group won’t be talking about f/stops and shutter speeds or which camera is best, this photography group is about creativity, thinking, shooting with intention and helping you determine where to go next. We will talk about seeing and shooting light, angles and advanced composition.

Photography Critiques 

Sessions will be conducted online via video conference where we will talk directly and we will do critiques of your work. Personal feedback is critical if you want to grow as a photographer. Everyone in the group will learn from hearing other’s critiques. Vickie’s pretty gentle and she meets you where you are.

Join us on this photographic journey to take better photos and creating your own Vickie Lewis photo workshops personal photo book.

Are you ready to fill in the missing pieces and start taking better photographs? Join Vickie today

The price for this three month mentoring is $495.00, which includes three two-hour evening group sessions, one 30-minute individual session to talk through your project and one 90-minute individual session to edit and finalize your project.

Still not sure? Money Back Guarantee.

Register for the class. Come to every session. Shoot every week. Share your project. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

Still not sure? 

This photography coaching program is for you if:

  • You are ready for a fun, exciting photography challenge and want to take better pictures.
  • You think it would be fun to share your ideas and photos with a group
  • You’d like to shoot a project under the eyes of a professional photographer
  • You’re ready to be challenged about how you think as a photography and why you shoot the things that you do
  • You have the commitment to shoot a project on your own, in between our sessions
  • Would love to have the insight of a seasoned, award-winning professional photographer and photo editor

Vickie Lewis, Professional Photographer in Washington, DC, wrote and picture edited this book, published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang. Photo is the book jacket.

National Geographic photographer Vickie Lewis has been a pro for 30 years. She led her photo staff at the Albuquerque Tribune to create award winning projects and has picture edited books for the National Geographic Society. She’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and worked with a major New York publisher to create her own book, “Side-by-Side: A Photographic History of American Women in War”.

Vickie loves working on long-term projects that inspire others, and will give you personal attention to help you develop your own idea.